Sunday the 1st of March – The day before the departure



Arriving in Healesville with my friend who is dropping me. I’m very anxious about my physical conditions. My left ankle is complaining and I have been having stomach issues. Maybe it is stress related. A big trip like this has required months of thinking and preparation. I was due to depart in October, it’s now the beginning of March. The more I plan, the more there is to plan. The truth is that one cannot think about everything and eventually something will go wrong. The trick is to cope with it as best as possible and adapt. However this has been a quite important project for me, and it’s finally the big departure day.
It’s 7pm in Healesville and I’m now on my own. I have to kill the time and I’m waiting until it’s 8.30pm so that I can sneak in where the BNT (Bicentennial National Trail) starts. Camping is not allowed. I’m having some noodles at one of the shops in town. It is going to be my last fresh food for a while.
I get to the departure site in the dark and set-up my tent near the toilet. Not too close to the noisy river.
It’s pitch dark, as soon as the tent is setup, leeches find me and want my fresh blood. This reminds me that I’m now in their territory. I’m officially alone in the wild. I left my loved one and I have no idea how far I will get. In my mind, if I reach Omeo, 500kms away, then I would have succeeded, and should be able to keep going further up, or stop and bail.
Dinner feels good in my stomach, stress level is going down. I’m happy with that. My ankle is sore and I haven’t even started. Might be all in my head…
The alarm is setup for 5.45AM. It’s early but a longer day means more opportunities to rest. I’m looking forward to the daylight though. It feels very lonely here in the dark.

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