Monday the 2nd of March – First Day – Departure from Healesville

It’s my first day on the BNT.

The day starts with a climb, 800m elevation gain. I do a very good start and enjoy it very much. The landscape is beautiful. Things go that way until midday when the pain in my right leg starts to slow me down. I make it to the pub and have a disappointingly small Caesar salad. When exercising at that level, one needs serious food.

I allow myself 90 minutes rest and ice my leg. I have only 10km to go for the day. I manage to reposition my foot on the pedal to limit further damages to my leg and give me some pain relief.

Exhausted, I finally make it to the campsite. I immediately hunt for water supply. I only find a water container for horses near the paddock. But a tiny stream of fresh water is coming in, that will do. I attempt to purify my water with the electronic device I got. It either doesn’t work or I have forgotten how to use it. Fortunately I find Internet coverage and get hold of the instruction manual. Not a very good start it seems!

I gather firewood and get a fire started. It is a very quiet campsite. I can hear the echo of my own voice in the surrounding mountains. Fortunately I had enough to keep me busy that night: fire making, water gathering, and dinner. I just hope my leg will be all right. I can’t continue if that is not the case.


  • Distance: 46 kms
  • Moving time: 5 hours 49 minutes
  • Average moving: 8 km/h
  • Stopped Time: 3 hours 29 minutes
  • Ascent: 2,593m
  • Descent: 2,185m
  • Max Elevation: 994m


Interactive Map

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