Saturday the 14th of March – Talbotville to Dargo


Today I will be in Dargo and I’ve got plenty of things to be looking forward to: bed, beer, pub, food, rest and girlfriend. However this is one of my grumpy mornings, it is usually proportional to how slow I am at packing. That should not really matter today as I expect a short ride to Dargo. I think I’m troubled because my friend told me she can’t find a room in Dargo: all the accommodation is booked up!
I understand over the course of the weekend that DEPI staff have booked all the accommodation for planned burns in the Dargo region. Indeed the smoke has been following me since Licola and apparently the town of Dargo has been in the smoke too for a week, which raises some discontent.


Finally packed up, the day is all about a graded gravel road at 10% incline. Starting at 350m, finishing at 1,200m. I do well and ride almost non stop and pain free until 900m. Then I get lazy. Breakfast was a long time ago and it seems all energy has been consumed. I decide to take a break at 1,000m and walk to get there.

Almost at the top of the hill, after a short downhill, I eat all I can find in my bag and text my friend, having decent reception. We agree to meet in a couple of hours in Dargo and decide on backup plans for accommodations.
Full of energy,  I start riding over some sandy ondulations, then finally hit the tar. What a road! 65km top speed,  load of fun, all going down.

Once at Dargo River, I have one little climb to go and find myself stopping, taking pics of tiny farm houses. A moment later, I’m Dargo and I celebrate. What an achievement!

First thing to do is to ask the pub what time the kitchen opens: I just had lunch but a cheeseburger would be nice. Bad timing though, kitchen is closed. On a side note I’m the only bike without an engine and I get the usual questions. Anyway I make it to the store and buy myself an ice cream! That is my first reward. I then go lay down on the grass by the pub, check my emails and wait for my friend. By now I’m very sleepy.


Finally we meet. We spend the night at a campsite (Italian Flat,  Upper Dargo road). It rains a little and that is a first for me in 2 weeks! I realise how lucky I’ve been.


The next day, despite the firemen still in town, we get a room at the motel. Between the firemen, the dirt bike riders and families on holidays, the pub is packed.
The store can’t make a vegetarian sandwich for my girlfriend because they are busy making them for 50 DEPI firemen today and are also low on supply!

I spend a lot of time over the weekend sleeping and eating.


  • Distance: 33 kms
  • Moving time: 3 hours 02 minutes
  • Average moving: 10.9 km/h
  • Stopped Time: 1 hours 33 minutes
  • Ascent: 1,144m
  • Descent: 1,252m
  • Min Elevation: 212m
  • Max Elevation: 1,226m


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