Tuesday the 17th of March – Dargo (Italian Flat campsite) to Mt Birregun

This morning it’s raining,  just a drizzle. I do not rush it. After all,  I’ve got all the time in the world to reach Omeo. After a nice breakfast,  burning off the leftover firewood, I pack up my wet gear.

I head for the campsite that is further North on the Upper Dargo Road. Only around 10km to go to Collins’ flat campsite. It’s an easy ride and arrive there around noon. It’s very grassy,  and had fire pits and even some firewood.
After a big lunch,  I’m nonetheless tempted to climb the next Hill towards Mt Birregun. It’s a big bet, as it’s already 2pm and I got a massive climb ahead. Best case I make it all the way to the designated campsite at Dog grave.

Off I go. Weather is not that great,  otherwise this would have been an amazing campsite.


The climbing is hard, my legs are not doing the work after all this rest and copious pub meals. The surface is quite loose and I progress very slowly. Starting at 300m, I know things get easier at 800m when we merge with Burdekin road. It is expected to be rideable. Unfortunately right before I reach that road my right leg gives away and won’t work. The pain stops any power from going to that limb anymore. It’s 6pm and I really need to find a safe place to camp by 7pm. For the first time I take some painkillers and drink the energy drinks I have. I have to make it. With much struggle, limping, I walk to the summit of Mt Birregun. It’s very windy up there.

I can’t make it further,  this will have to be the campsite. It’s very windy and a storm is building up. Not good where I am,  at the highest point, 1,300m. I set up my tent right near a big fallen trunk which offers protection from the wind and from other trees, if one were to fall on my tent.



The night is spent worrying about the weather situation and hoping the tent will be fine and no broken limbs will fall on me. The weather agency releases a warning concerning the storm and promise a further update at 5am. At least I’ve got good Internet coverage up here.

Finally at 5am, the warning is downgraded and it should get better. I get a little bit of sleep and take off as soon as possible in the morning,  skipping breakfast. I had been lucky so far with the weather and this was testing me and my equipment,  leaving me very tired but fine.

bent tent peg from the strong wind?

bent tent peg from the strong wind?



  • Distance: 24.7 km
  • Moving time: 3 hours 52 minutes
  • Average moving: 6.4 km/h
  • Stopped Time: 4 hours 29 minutes
  • Ascent: 1,480m
  • Descent: 370m
  • Max Elevation: 1,370m


Track Map

Interactive Blog Map

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