Monday the 23rd of March – Omeo to Bindi Station

Omeo Caravan park gets really cold at night. I didn’t sleep well, despite having the luxurious comfort of a cabin! I might be getting used to my tiny tent and super warm sleeping bag.
Morning is spent repacking everything, cleaning the cabin, and leaving. In the process I think I lost a spare sim card. I use a few of them to switch between operators and plans and get best reception and network. Although without much success so far as there has been very little mobile coverage. The sim card is property lost number one for the day. More to come…
I drop by the post office to send to my girlfriend her bracelet she forgot.
That is lost property number 2…

I start riding and this is familiar as the next 10kms out of Omeo is the only section of the BNT I know. I came here as a tourist a few months back and scouted the place.



There is a steep hill, but nothing impossible, especially considering the sudden obesity of my bike. I’m carrying about 8kg of food. It is not that easy to manoeuvre though.
Quick lunch (gotta eat as much food as possible and make the bike lighter!). Then I’m off again under some low clouds and little bit of rain at a time.


A steep downhill begins, as I’m walking it with the bike, I lose control and it tips over.


I take a picture to remember the incident but then realise something is missing. One pannier rain cover is gone. That is lost property number 3 for the day! I really like those rain covers, they are highly visible and with rain and snow possibly coming at altitude – are nice to have . I decide to retrace my steps on foot. I have to think carefully about what I take with me. I shall travel light but need a litre of water, a rain jacket, my Gps, my emergency satellite device, and a nut bar. Being too far away from the bike is a safety issue as all the equipment is with it. I give myself 30min, and after that I will give up. That would be an hour wasted to get back to the bike. Usually I’m lucky with lost stuff, but today, nothing after a 30 minute walk. I feel moody and bad about that, so I keep going. Once I’m almost all the way back to the lunch spot, I find it, laying on the side of the track patiently waiting for me. I lost 2.5 hours and walked 10kms for that. So much waste of energy too.


By the time I get back to my bike, it’s getting I late. I thought I had done most of the hard work for the day and the rest would be easy, but it didn’t happen. Some nasty downhill and uphill climbing come up. At times I cannot move the bike uphill as it is too heavy. I’m pushing the bike, riding is unthinkable.
It gets dark and I have no choice but to finish this steep and slippery downhill by 8pm, as doing it in the dark is asking for trouble. After reaching an easier track, I fall over in the dark, but there’s no damage as I’m going at a low speed. I keep going and arrive at the station. The dogs on the property bark at my arrival, I’m afraid it will upset people as I feel unwelcome after yesterday’s phone call. I have to manage one small Creek crossing in the dark.
I finally make it to the designated camping spot. There are three buildings there, one is the toilet and shower block. I set up my camp and cook dinner. Whilst cooking I burnt my finger by grabbing the cooking pot that was so hot the metal had turned red. I don’t really have much of a solution to this as my heavy duty gloves are not good and I keep forgetting to use them. After dinner I think about having a shower, I’m not officially allowed to use the facility and haven’t been given instructions on how to turn the power on. I have a look at the shower though and decide to have one anyway. It will be in the dark and with cold water. I don’t feel I’ve done anything wrong here and still feels good. A small bird nesting and a lost bat are keeping me company.
Time to sleep at 10.40pm, that is too late and I’m tired. Tomorrow big day on the hills. What I climbed down, I will have to climb it back up and not get lost in the process.


  • Distance: 45.8 km
  • Moving Time: 7:38
  • Stopped Time: 2:48
  • Min Elevation: 409m
  • Max Elevation: 1260m
  • Ascent: 2252m
  • Descent: 2399m

Track Map

Interactive Blog Map

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