Sunday the 29th of March – Keebles Hut to Khancoban

This morning it’s – 3°C. My new friends light up the fire and we soon get warmer. We just need the sun to go over the mountains to start warm up the land and make the mist disappear. It’s scenic though, very spectacular.

4wd River crossing:

Once all my gear is dry I wish my neighbours farewell and start riding in this beautiful sunnyweather. One hill climbing is rideable and conquered in no time, I visit the next Hut on the way. Over there some people are taking a look too and I notice one of them has a mountain bike. I jump at the opportunity and ask him if he has got a spare 29″ inner tube. Luck is with me, he has one and gives it to me for free. The rest of the group ask me questions about my trip and take pictures. They are impressed.

They warn me about the next hill which is not on my route notes. In fact I’m going through a private property and take a short cure that way. No lock on the gate, luck is still with me. To make this easy day complete, I need the post-office in Khancoban to be opened on Sunday, and my farmer host to not mind having me stay at his house tonight, although he hasn’t had news from me in a few days.

I don’t have much luck with the post office, it’s closed. I have a second lunch and make a few phone calls (network for the first time in 4 days).

I get to stay at the farmer’s house tonight and will come back pick up the parcel in the morning. It’s not far, and any case, the house is off the BNT. Not much time lost and this is much, much better than the Caravan park.

I get to follow my host while he feeds the dogs, cows and horses, he has a beautiful property. In the background a fire is burning in the bush. We discuss whether the planned burn is still under control as we can see helicopters are working on the site. We share a delicious meal and the rest of the evening is spent talking about farming and the challenges it causes, the fact that there is no true farmers union in Australia. That means government does what it pleases. Aaron, the farmers son works as a firefighter and has a lot to explain about the whole process. I talk a lot about my trip too and my life in general. Tonight I get a bed and shower, all free of charge with great company.


  • Distance: 26.1 km
  • Moving Time: 2:16
  • Stopped Time: 1:28
  • Min Elevation: 308m
  • Max Elevation: 703m
  • Ascent: 816m
  • Descent: 881m


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