The 2nd until the 5th of April – Easter weekend and rest

It’s Easter long weekend and I’m staying from Thursday till Monday at Providence Portal near Adaminaby.

The first night I’m spending at the Caravan park, tomorrow my girlfriend is coming down. Because we decided last minute to meet we couldn’t book a cabin or room at the Caravan Park – its all booked up for the Easter long weekend. Fortunately, the Providence Lodge next door has got 21 empty bedrooms. This is very lucky. This place is packed in winter when people come skiing but the rest of the time it’s pretty quiet, apart from the fisherman who enjoy fishing in the Lake Euceumbene.

The owner of the Providence lodge is very nice and we feel at home. Living room, fireplace, TV room, ensuite bathroom. Nothing is missing and we have the whole place for ourselves. What a blessing.

My friend has brought enough food to feed a infantry regiment this time! So as usual I pig in. She has learnt her lesson from Omeo where I ate all the food she brought in no time. At rest I just eat and sleep.

Our initial plan was to camp to save some cash so we camp on the second night at the Long Plain camp ground. The campsite is packed and between the generator and chainsaw, way too noisy. Funnily enough the lodge is much more quiet than the campsite.

On good Friday we go to Yarrangobilly to visit a naturally heated pool that is supposed to be at around 27 degrees, we also visit the  limestone caves. I have mixed feelings about this We are having a great time, but behaving like a tourist and spending money on entertainment is not quite what I like.

I find it hard to be in the bush one day, and at a tourist attraction the next. Canberra and Sydney are approaching, and my uneasiness is growing. I thought I would love to be in Sydney and be back home, but I’m already looking forward to after Sydney, the big adventure seating in the North. After such a long and nice weekend, saying goodbye to my surprise visitor is hard, as always. But I have nothing else to do than ride my bike on this trail. Without a home and a job nor any possession, what else is there to do. Just keep going until Cooktown.

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