Wednesday the 8th of April – Brayshaws Hut to Canberra

Finally awake, I think about my options. I can stay in the hut for another day until the weather gets better or head off. This hut is not really comfortable and I keep getting cold. Looking outside, the rain is not that bad and most of the snow has melted. I decide to pack up and go down to a lower altitude where I got more chance to be warm.

I spend hours packing up and getting ready. Half of my clothes are wet. Touching anything wet makes my fingers get very cold, which in turn slows down the process even more. I’ve been wearing the boots I found since yesterday. It’s time to put back on my wet trail running shoes. Not something I’m looking forward too. Overall I’m well equipped for cold weather except for my feet.

Finally the departure time has come. I imagine that this day consists of a big downhill followed by a flat and small undulations. I have to reconsider that, I find myself stuck after 3kms due to a hazardous river crossing. The rain from the previous day and the melting snow has caused the stream to be fast and I have no idea how deep it is. Its too dangerous in cold weather, so I decide not to proceed and get back to the road.

I will be on an unsealed road for the next 30kms instead of enjoying the official trail. This leads to a steeper terrain, big climbing and massive undulations. It does not end and I get tired of it rather quickly.

Around 2pm I get over the last Hill and meet the official trail again. Since this morning I’ve had something in the back of my mind, I need to sort out the tent situation. At this stage I don’t have a shelter. My plan is to get as close as possible to Canberra and seek a place to stay once I have mobile coverage.
In the afternoon I get to a small town. I’ve covered some good ground but Canberra is still 30kms away. I use social media from my phone to ask for some help. I’m confident this will work, I receive many answers and opt for staying at my friend’s brother’s house.

The way to Canberra is a breeze. It’s easy and fast. Now that I feel I can reach my goal and make it to Canberra I get faster and faster. By now I know I’ve got somewhere to sleep at tonight, which is comforting. Since the beginning of the trip I’ve been planning half day at a time. This one is no exception, I still don’t even know how and where I will get a tent, but it’s no drama. Things could have been a lot worse. I could have lost the tent deep in the wilderness. This is the best place to have to buy a tent.
After a little I’m riding on the amazing cycling lanes and making my way to Canberra. I arrive at the house and it feels good to be here.

It takes me some time to adapt. All this noise, cars everywhere, so many things to pay attention to. I’ve been living in the country for a while and the change is brutal. Even though Canberra not a big city, it is still something for me.


  • Departed: Apr 08, ’15, 10:12AM
  • Distance: 83.8 km
  • Elevation: + 1241 / – 1868 m
  • Max Grade: 11.1 %
  • Total Duration: 07:17:17
  • Moving Time: 05:07:11
  • Stopped Time: 02:10:06
  • Avg. Speed: 16.4 kph

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