The 9th of April – Canberra tent hunting

Today my main goal is to find a solution to my tent situation. My tent is not functioning any longer and it would, in my opinion, not be safe to proceed further north without a decent shelter.

Fortunately I get a lot of advice from social media on where to find tents in Canberra. One after the other, I visit every single camping store in town. Bad luck though, none are stocking lightweight tents. It seems that people normally order online for specialised equipment rather then in stores.
In addition to this I’m trying to get the manufacturer to fix or replace my tent but I’m still waiting on an answer from them. I’ve come to the realisation that finding a new good tent will take a lot more time. This type of equipment can take days to select and longer to get delivered. I resign myself to buy the cheapest tent ever, a $20 tent. It’s not even big enough for me, but it will do. This tent will do me to Sydney, only 300 kms north of Canberra. Once I’m in Sydney I can take the time to find a better solution. After all, I’m not going in the mountains any more and I’m less likely to encounter bad weather on this leg of the trip.

Cheap. Maybe it's not that bad?

Cheap. Maybe it’s not that bad?

Despite this misfortune, the day is enjoyable. It’s finally sunny and the bike lanes in Canberra are quite amazing. Although sometimes it can be a little bit confusing which lane to take and which one will be a dead end or lead to a highway.

At least, I’ve been able to visit Canberra in some way. I feel more familiar with the city and I’m staying at my friend’s brother place once again tonight. I’ve got clean clothes, and soon I’ll be seeing all my friends in Sydney. Not bad at all.

Construction work in Canberra

Construction work in Canberra


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