Monday the 4th of May – Leaving Sydney

Today is all about leaving the city. I’ve spent more time than initially planned in the suburb of Manly, north of Sydney.

Temp bedroom in Manly

Temp bedroom in Manly

Despite all this for myself, 20 days, I’ve not been able to relax and fully enjoy being there. I’ve not taken a book and sat at a rock pool. I’ve not gone on long walk alone.
I’ve been busy. Or I should say I’ve been keeping myself busy. Most of the time was spent researching and sourcing new equipment and acquiring new skills. All I’ve done is useful in a way, but not essential.
One thing is for sure, I’m less and less in love with this small beach town. The noise of the cars are aggressive to me. The indifference, the way we all go about without noticing each other. The shops and the bitumen. I think I’m breaking up with this town. I think in fact that I’m breaking up with any city.
Today I’m excited to try my new tent, an upgrade that will make my life different. I much prefer sleeping in my expensive light tent than paying 3 times that amount every month to pay rent in a place that is noisy and not friendly anymore. It might be me, but I’m not the only one to have noticed.

Preparing the departure

Preparing the departure

The morning starts with a ride to catch the 7am ferry – that I miss. I catch another one and that gets me to the city. Its peak hour and I’m surrounded by people wearing suits when I’m wearing trekking pants. I used to be them. Actually, this is not true, I avoid wearing suits. I consider myself the “cool guy”. If my employer requires me to wear a suit, then it’s time to find another job.

I still smell. Ok at this stage and look civilizes

I still smell Ok at this stage and look civilised

Busy commuters on a Monday morninf

Busy commuters on a Monday morning

Recently money has been in the back of my mind. Having blown 3/4 of my adventure budget, I start to question the sustainability of this. Medical expenses, and generally paying for accommodation and food is not cheap in Australia. I live cheap when I’m camping. But it does get expensive as soon as I reach a town. I’m already thinking of when I will have to go back and get a job. But wasn’t the plan not to come back? To find an alternate way of earning money?
I love my lifestyle when I’m travelling, and I feel uneasy with the idea of getting back to the city
Tonight I’m in my new tent. I didn’t make it far, I’ve done less than 20km from the train station, but it was not the goal to be far. I just needed to be gone. Already things are back to normal. I’m camping, meeting people, and planning the next couple of days. That is how far in advance I’m willing to plan, and even that sucks. I plan only because of access to food supply, and having to contact property owners to get permission to go through. I have to do this whilst I still have mobile coverage because I never know when I will have it again.

Track Map

Diary Map

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  1. Vincent, your comments once more are completely valid. As a ‘free’ traveller one sees the ‘reality’ of existence. The responsibility, assumed or otherwise, of city living, work and everything associated with our modern world all seems so unnecessary. The contrast is haunting.

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