Saturday the 9th of May – Horse parade in Scone

This morning Tony picks me up with his horse truck. I’m a little confused as I was too tired yesterday to pay attention, but I know we are going to a parade and it has something to do with horses. I’m spot on. We are going to Scone, a small town that has been elected as the Capital of Horses.
Tony gets ready and prepares his horse for a ride. A lot of trucks come in and everybody is dressing up and getting ready for the big show.

Tony and his horse are getting ready for the parade

Tony and his horse are getting ready for the parade



Not sure what horse are they?

Not sure what horse are they?

I use this time to explore the town and check out the Caravan park. Both parks are badly located, stuck between the highway and the railway track. On top of this they are horribly expensive. I’m thinking about my options for the night and much prefer heading northeast to a more quiet place.

Having checked the route notes the day before, I can see that I will be forced to avoid the big nasty Barrington Tops. This mountain has quite a reputation. It can snow there at any time of the year and the climb up is difficult, but it’s a beautiful place to explore. The guidebooks advise to take a detour as the route hasn’t been finalised, they need to work out permission to travel through private lands. As I’m not keen at all on climbing any more locked gates, I will comply and take the detour.
Eventually everybody is ready, and the show commences.

P1010154 P1010157


A big celebration and the kids love it

A big celebration and the kids love it

Horse club, police on horses, circus on horses: anything more or less linked to horses is parading, then all the sponsors, friends, clubs, and everything that belongs to the community of Scone and surroundings is proudly walking down the street.


Is that Tony? So many horses I’m not sure anymore

I must confess I did enjoy the horses but was a little confused when seeing the local car dealer parading because he might have given some money for the show.
In the afternoon we are back in Aberdeen. I slowly pack up but I can’t get it right. I’m exhausted and dehydrated so I’m not good at anything. Around mid afternoon I head back to Scone and spend some time at the Information Centre to use their Internet. Then at MacDonalds for the same reason. I admit to myself that I’m too tired for riding, especially in the dark. Despite my will, I check in the dodgy expensive caravan park, buy some food and enjoy a relaxing evening in my tent.

Track Map

Diary Map


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