Sunday the 10th and Monday the 11th of May 2015 – Scone to Gundy and Gundy to Nundle

When I wake up this morning, my plan is to buy a usb stick so that I can transfer my videos onto it and send them to my girlfriend in Victoria for her to upload them online. That way my friend (now in Asia but soon to return to Berlin) can look them over and give me some feedback. So here I am usb key hunting on a Sunday, going to Coles and Woolworths.
Once that is sorted, it’s around 2pm, so I get on the road and ride for 20km. I’m still very tired and I keep forgetting or losing things.
When I arrive at Gundy campsite, it’s already past 3pm. I ponder and finally decide to stay here. It’s ideal, the campsite is empty and has very good amenities. Also the whole town is very quiet, there is some mobile coverage but not much.
I spend a good 30 minutes scouting the campsite for a spot where I would get Internet in my tent. It’s very unreliable but will do the job. That way I can do some research as I have to replace one of my bags soon.
The pub does not serve meals tonight but it’s okay, I will play with my new fire wood stove. I find out that I hadn’t assembled it properly the last time. It takes me a long time to get it started, but eventually it works. I’m able to cook and test different combustibles like horse poo.
I’ve ridden very little today, it’s a good feeling. I wish I was never rushing, but it also feels good to cover a lot of ground.
Tonight I have received an email from a follower who is thinking of doing the trail on foot but is afraid of being afraid or cold. I think we all go through that stage. I choose to feel the fear but do it anyway (actually the title of a book, from which the first few pages are actually good). I think she has already decided she wants to go but is seeking validation.
That is mostly why I started to prepare this trip alone, to avoid interferences from other people. Some people around me are influential and I take into account what they say, even though it might go against my desires. I had to break free from those people and do what I truly wanted, without asking permission or validation. We all do that and it’s a normal behaviour I reckon. I think the first time we stop listening to our mentor is during teenage hood when we learn to break the rules and push the boundaries. Later on we find another mentor, maybe a friend, a coach or a boss. Once again one has to break the rules, break free, and stop listening to them, in order to explore and grow out of the comfort zone.
But at one point I somehow got some followers and kept on gathering people around me during this trip. I realise how important they are. Despite what I thought, nothing can be achieved alone, and happiness is only worth if shared. I actually wonder if one can realize he is in a state of happiness without the help of other people to mirror that back.
Today I’m covering 80km and end up in Nundle way before dark. Only one hill was somewhat challenging but I did ok.
Tonight I get on my errands: laundry, post office and so forth.
I happen to smell something nice coming from the communal kitchen. A group of friends, all veterans for the Vietnam war are getting together. They offer of a meal and a drink. I spend the evening chatting and answering questions from curious people.
The next few days I will be in the bush.

Track Map

Diary Map

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