Wednesday the 20th of May 2015 -Wednesday – Killarney to Boonah via Condamine Gorge track

Tim and I wake up at the Killarney. Showground. Tim is trekking the Bicentennial National Trail on foot, south to north. We caught up the day before and I’m not far enough ahead, even with a bike, to leave him behind. His company is very pleasant too.
We take slightly different ways and we meet again at the 9th river crossing, and then again later when I’m having my lunch break.

Creative signs

Creative signs



Finally we are back on the bitumen and it’s a fast ride for me now towards Boonah. I’m going downhill, losing all the elevation as I’m descending from the Great Dividing Range.
All things considered, those 14 river crossings along the Condamine Gorge track this morning were easy and pleasant. This huge downhill is fun too. Boonah is out of the way of the National Trail. The showground is filled with caravans and trailers which make it look like a caravan park and not so much a showground. But for 8 bucks I can’t complain.
Finally I head to a restaurant to celebrate my arrival in Queensland. The restaurant looks way too posh for a trekker like me. But it has a fireplace, affordable pizzas and the pommie waitress is super nice and very curious about my journey. Shame she met me that late in the day, 6pm, that is when I cease to be talkative as I’m feeling more and more tired.
After I went down from the range, the temperature had finally risen and since then I’m warm. It’s very nice feeling. I’ve been waiting for this for a while now. I wonder how much I will use my jumper moving forward.

Track Map

Diary Map

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