Thursday the 28th of May 2015 – Laidley to Murphy’s Creek via Withcott

Surprisingly it’s a cold morning. The clouds are above us and take some time to clear up. My neighbour campers are all Germans and work in farms nearby. I don’t speak or understand German but can easily understand one of the girls speaking on the phone to her family. Keyword are farm, skydiving and so forth. It seems they all do more or less the same thing.
I fix up my bike brake, pack up the wet tent and make my way to town. Over there I buy some food, go to the post office, and have a second breakfast. It seems that it always takes me two breakfasts to get started. One for packing up, and one for the road.
The route of the day has been planned by my fellow cyclist and is meant to get me back on the National Trail without too much climbing. It is an easy day in rural country where I can observe the backpackers working hard in the fields under the sun. It does look hard and if it wasn’t for the money, they would probably not do it. I hope for their sakes that they are earning something decent.



Thoughts when riding are about my past, current and future goals. I’m going back onto the trail and into bushland. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to be in the bush as much as I would like to. It seems to me that after I left the mountains in Victoria and NSW, nothing has been really challenging. It should be a relief but I don’t feel that way. Physical and mental challenges help me stay focus and motivated. I feel like I’m riding without a goal and cheating on the trail by riding off it at times. The next goal for me is Cooktown and that is 2,650km away as today I reach the halfway mark. I should be celebrating but I don’t care. I feel like it does not count anymore and there is nothing big and amazing about it anymore. Of course that does not make sense. It is a huge deal, but I can’t change the way I feel yet.
I believe being back in the bush in isolation, and finding a new physical challenge will be the cure to my ‘post trail depression’. As a matter of fact, I’m having a mild post trail depression even though I’m still on it. Who would have thought I would miss those bloody mountains?
Tonight I’m staying at the house of a chocolate manufacturer. This very nice lady produces organic chillies and makes chocolate and also combines both.

The chocolate confectionery is a house

The chocolate confectionery is a house

I’m staying in a bedroom at the back of the property with a young German boy who is woofing. Woofing means that he volunteers to help out in exchange for shelter and food. That way he learns skills and does not spend much money. I’m invited for dinner and I get to try many chocolates and visit the chocolate room where it’s all happening. This is a different type of adventure and I’m enjoying it. I pack up a lot of chocolate with me, hoping it won’t melt too soon. I’m also taking some tea tree oil to protect me against ticks. I’m not looking forward to ticks at all. I haven’t had a puncture so far, I hope my luck will help me be tick free too.

The chocolate or m. Where it's all happening

The chocolate room where it’s all happening


The chocolate in its beautiful packaging

The chocolate in its beautiful packaging

The living room, cosy

The living room, cosy

The organise chilli produced here and used in the chocolate

The organic chilli produced here and used in the chocolate

Track Map

Diary Map

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