The 30th of May 2015 – Emervale Station to Emu Creek via Eskdale

Once again I should not have slept in a Hut or any building that is not a house.
Around midnight I was feeling itchy all over. It was probably a mosquito or some other sort of bug. The mattress I’m sleeping on looks very dirty and I’m pretty sure more animals than humans have been using it in the last decade. Unable to sleep due to the itching, I move outside and blow up my own mattress to sleep under the porch. It’s warm enough and the view is really nice. I fall asleep and sleep tight, for the first time on this trip, outside a tent or Hut.

P1010328 P1010329
In the morning, I go via the homestead and all the dogs bark at me on my arrival. The lady I met yesterday comes to greet me and shows me where to get water. I ask her if it’s drinking water and she answers yes, because it’s ‘tank water’. In other words it’s safe to drink for farmers and might have had a few dead possums and frogs, and could possibly make me sick. It would not be polite to argue on that matter, I refill my water bladder and hope for the best. Any farmer who has looked inside the tank or cleaned the filter have come across dead things and closed their eyes, as it’s not worth emptying a 30,000 gallons water tank just for a couple of dead possums.
I eventually leave just to come back as I had forgotten my sunglasses.
It’s a beautiful ride, not too technical, mostly flat. One station leads to another. I stop for pictures and take some videos, things are going pretty well despite not covering much ground. I’m hoping to spend the night in the next town, Nonango.

P1010330 P1010331
At the next station, things start to be a little more challenging. It’s a little more hilly and it’s quite hot. Upon leaving the property, I close a wired gate with great difficulty, and land in an overgrown yard. This high grass is covering all the bulldozer tracks. I navigate as best as I can while swearing at things getting in my socks and legs and not being able to see where I’m putting my wheels. Any pothole or log can put me off balance. I lose a great deal of time and finally find the creek crossing that was described in the route.
I had been postponing my lunch break over and over again, in the hope that I could reach easier terrain and relax a little. That is always a terrible mistake. The more I wait, the less energy I have and the slower I get. I struggle a lot and the heat and lack of food intake leads to exhaustion. This is unfortunate as my dream of riding to the next town is escaping.


A holiday shed not far from the river. I can smell the coffee but nobody is inside


An old gate

An old gate

I push as far as I can, until a steep downhill that leads to the bottom of a valley where a beautiful river is running. A few young people are around, playing with their dirt bikes and the like. They are the first people I’ve seen today since this morning.
It’s getting late and I just have enough time to clean myself with the local frogs before it’s dark.
As a precaution I go on cooking and eating dinner a couple of hundred metres away from my tent as hearing the dingoes or wild dogs howling kept me alert. They won’t hurt me but can make it hard to sleep well if I have to protect my food.
Tonight I’m feeling completely exhausted and that affects my mood greatly.

Track Map

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