Tuesday the 2nd of June 2015 – Elgin Vale to Kilkivan

Today is a beautiful morning with frost everywhere. I enjoy the sun slowly coming to warm up my skin. I camped near a sawmill and I can finally see it fully. An interesting structure left in a tiny village.

P1010358 P1010356 P1010363
A lady is having her morning drink by the stairs of her house, observing me from the distance. I waive but no answer this time.
I go back to the creek and refill but my water treatment device isn’t working. It’s another piece of equipment to maintain and that can break down without notice. I have some water, enough for the day. I’ll drink without treating if I have to, but with all the cattle around, it’s a risk.

Later on in the morning I miss a turn, which was not in my route notes. I backtrack and find my way only to get confused again in the next kilometre.

P1010364 P1010370 P1010368


I can’t find the trail. After many back and forths I decide to take an unmaintained road up a hill. I spend the next hours climbing up to the top of the range instead of cruising along a creek.

Alternative road

Alternative road

At the top, I get back on a main road and again on the national trail. It’s mostly downhill now, down the range.
Late in the afternoon, I have the choice to follow the trail or take the direct easy route to town. I take the easy option to make up time lost in the morning. It’s a beautiful scenic road, perfect for an end of a day ride on a bike.

I arrive in town but there is no official camping site here or a caravan park. I ask at a local shop and some kids tell me it’s fine to camp anywhere and the oval will do.
I head back to town after setting up camp and enter the pub. I get some food, not enough, and struggle to connect with anyone. I don’t think I do well in pubs. TV is loud and the bloke next to me comments on a news report describing the reason a new cycling lane will be open in the city. He goes with the C word and other insults. And he probably does not ride a bike and does not know the man next to him, loves cycling and hates cars. Well that is enough for me, I get bored and head back to the tent.
In my mind, how to plan the next days right. My food parcel hasn’t arrived yet and I don’t feel like waiting for it. I need to work on a solution. I feel my mood is not right, I’m probably just tired. I will sleep in and go talk to the post office people when they open, late in the morning.

Track Map

Diary Map


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