June 28th and 29th Nebo to Eungella Dam

Today I’m back on the BNT after a few days rest in Mackay. I managed to get a lift back to Nebo yesterday night. I had ridden 50km out of the 95km but it was getting dark. I had no intention to ride on this road in the first place, so I don’t mind getting a lift.
A nice lady, an electrician who works at the mine, picked me up. The other miners were probably in too much of a rush heading back to work on a Sunday evening.
Once I reach Nebo I head to the pub and score the left overs from the buffet.
I stayed at the Nebo showgrounds and the next morning I’m up as usual around 6am.

I set off and it’s a pleasant surprise to be riding a sealed road for a while. It’s all the same for more than 60km, with the sealed road eventually becoming a gravel road.

Dry season. Most Creek are dry. I can only imagine what would become of this creek bed in the wet.

The road turns off to a dam on the East. It was only later (after going over the notes again) that I realised I could have kept going straight and avoided a detour uphill to the dam. Although a dam is something to see, I usually don’t find them exceptional. They are probably more exciting if you are big on fishing or it’s a very hot day.
I am worried there’s a big hill coming up, but so far so good. The road is nice, with concrete below. It follows a water pipe coming from the dam.

Water pipe coming from the dam

In no time I make it to the camping site. The site has facilities but the shower only has cold water. Fortunately after a sweaty day it’s still good.

I’ve been riding for 90 kms today which is a lot more than usual. I can thank the good conditions for that. Almost flat with some undulations.
At the campsite I can’t decide where to put my tent. Nowhere is flat. At my second attempt, an old guy comes to me and suggests I don’t camp under the Gumtree. When I look above, I realise I was definitely doing something wrong here. All those dead limbs were just waiting to fall on my head at night. It’s very windy up here so it is likely to happen.

Branches waiting to fall

Do not camp under a gum tree

I move to another location thinking it’s funny after all those months on the road, I still make some mistakes.

Interestingly, when I arrived at the campsite I was internally criticising the guy who warned me because he was setting up a satellite dish next to his campervan. I was thinking; why would you set up a satellite dish to receive television in such a beautiful and peaceful location? That makes me think that we all love to be right and criticise others. Why should I care if he likes watching TV? Surely it’s none of my business. If I’m honest, I love having access to Internet and I must admit I’m addicted to it at the moment. It’s making it much easier to entertain myself and keep in touch with friends. This person has his reasons for watching satellite TV in the middle of the bush. But people, like me, love being right. That keeps me busy all day long, thinking about things and making sure I’m right. Being alone on the bike it’s not too hard to be right with myself. Sometimes it’s good to make this busy mind shut up and enjoy what is.

Cute pig firewood thing, handmade

Dinner with a lovely retired couple

Track Map


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