The 3rd of July – Mt Constance to Burdekin Dam

My alarm clock rang but it was still dark. I’m feeling tired so I sleep for another hour. When I wake up the sun is starting to warm the air and dry up my tent. The funny thing is that I still leave at 8.30am. It seems I was more efficient than normal. The place where I’m camping is nothing special, but the alternance between the full moon and the bright sun made for a pleasant stay. I have a moment of sadness when I remember that I smashed the screen of my phone yesterday. Oh well, I can’t go back in time. Lesson learnt, there is a reason why I was keeping it safely in the case holder on the handlebar.
Once I get going, the road I’m on is nothing exceptional. It’s a gravel road, rocky at times, congregated at other times, sometimes both. It’s not all flat. I know it’s only 60km to the dam and I might make it there after lunch. I’m thinking of not going further as it is probably a good spot for camping.

right or left ?

Always on the look for water just in case

another dam

This country is all pretty dry, but if I run out of water the windmill seems to be working and the cattle are still alive, so there must be some around. Speaking of cattle, today I saw a cow actually jump over a wire fence. I must look damn scary for it to attempt such a jump. It was quite impressive and it did not even touch the fence at all. Good job but unnecessary.
Further up the road a motorbike drives past me. We wave at each other but eventually he turns around and stops for a bit of a chat. He has been travelling around the country for six months on a small bike. He seems to be going the cheap way, with only the essentials. He does not cook meals and keeps it simple. It’s unusual for me as often I find Australians like to have the bigger car or bike and bring the comfort from home on the road. Nice fella. He is running low on fuel so I give him some advice on where he could get help before I get going again.

unusual encounter, nice fella touring the country on a motorbike

After a few more hills I arrive at the dam. Another very impressive piece of infrastructure in the middle of nowhere. Seeing so much water is a good feeling after travelling in dry country for some time. I wonder if I can swim in there. The wildlife seem to be enjoying it, there are many pelicans and other birds.

first sight of the big dam, huge!

the wall of the dam. If overflowing, cars and horses travel inside the wall

I’ve got one more big hill on bitumen left to reach the Caravan park. It’s only 2pm but I haven’t had lunch and it’s hot, making it hard to pick a spot. There are a lot of caravans, such a contrast with the quiet road where I only saw one car the entire day.

a caravan park resident


two circles, one for the afternoon, one for the evening. Put yourself in the circle to get mobile phone reception. good luck though

nice spot

the dam wall from the other side

pretty thing

It feels very good to have so much spare time this afternoon. I get on to eating, cleaning my clothes, reading and napping. I know eyes are on me as usual. There aren’t many pushbikes around here.
I spend the evening with some fellow campers chatting and sharing some drinks and cheese. So far so good. I’m happy with the progress. Not pushing too hard and still covering enough ground. I can’t wait to further north near the rainforest.

Track Map


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