Tuesday the 14th of April – Hampton to Lithgow, Sydney and Manly

Today I wake up at 6am and jump out of bed.. I mean sleeping bag. I just can’t wait to hit the trail and get to Lithgow, and from there to Sydney and Manly.

campsite by the road

campsite by the road

I skip breakfast as I imagine I can get an egg and bacon roll in Hampton. Tough luck though, Hampton does not even have a Cafe. It does not matter too much though, Lithgow is not that far.

I am on my bike at by 7am, it’s not warm but it’s really enjoyable. I see a lot of small houses, as well as cattle and sheep yards, and I’m riding on a nice road with not much traffic.

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The trail follows a road that leads to Ryan but after 20 km I take a right turn and follow Magpie Hollow road. It leads to Lithgow but first descent to Lake Lyell which holds the drinking water for Sydney. This steep 200m elevation loss means that when I’m back on the trail, I’ll have to climb that back. I’ve decided to start the trail again exactly where I left it. At times I do take some shortcuts when it makes more sense to use the road for a little while, and other times I get lost or I need to urgently find a campsite. Those are the occasions where I don’t follow strictly the BNT, but in general I stick to it.

right to Lithgow, straight to stay on the BNT

right to Lithgow, straight to stay on the BNT

Making my way to Lithgow, I feel so sleepy. It’s not my muscles this time. It is just tiredness. Not sure where it comes from, but I just want to lay down on the grass and take a nap. After 35 km I’m in Lithgow, I grab some take away and jump on the train that is about to depart. From that moment I just keep dozing off while keeping an eye on my bike that is blocking the access to the door, depending on which side the station is. I try to adapt to the noisy environment and all the chatter without much success. Once in the Sydney CBD, things get worse. I’m riding on the boulevards, and I feel like a deer surrounded by lions or something.

Sydney CBD. Having a look at the Lindt Cafe from a distance. I was in Victoria during the events

Sydney CBD. Having a look at the Lindt Cafe from a distance. I was in Victoria during the events

After the city I have the busy ferry ride to Manly. I drop my bike and hit the pub for a meal and then the chocolate bar for waffle and hot drink. I’m writing those notes on my favourite rock, overlooking Manly Beach. And in that way I sign off the chapter 1 of my adventures. To be continued in a week or so.

Track Map

Diary Map

3 thoughts on “Tuesday the 14th of April – Hampton to Lithgow, Sydney and Manly

  1. Great Blog, I’ve been reading it in the last few days.
    Can’t wait to see how your adventures go north of Sydney, hopefully the weather will pass and you can be on your way again.
    I’m looking at doing the BNT, but Running/Trekking from the other way Cooktown to Healesville. It won’t be for another year yet but I am excited already reading your account of things.

    Good to see you are using good shoes as well. I run in the Altra Lone peaks.

    Do you have a list of items that you carry with you? I am trying to get a list together and don’t know where to start.

    • Hi Peter. Great to hear you you have been enjoying the blog! Feedback is always good.

      You will love the BNT. A lot of preparation, you will probably need a support team to follow you as running with so much equipment might not be possible. Sometimes 6 days between two re-supply towns.

      I wear Altra shoes cos of great toe joint issue. This has caused my pain just under my right knee. I use the shoes with Toes spacer and Metatarsal Pads and good socks (injinji). The rain has stopped but waiting for MRI results and green light from doctor re great toe. Hoping by end of next week.
      Will send you an email re list of equipment.

  2. Hi again Vincent

    Congratulations so far. You probably didn’t realise what a strong person you are but you must be to get through all that with your sore leg and upset stomach. I think it was after reading through the first blog of the BNT Alpine section (the Big nasty track) that i decided I wouldn’t ride it. I’ve read three now. RobnBob was the other one i read recently but he didn’t have so much details as yours in this section.

    I’m looking forward to the rest of your story too.

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