The 10th of July 2015 – Mt Garnet to Innot Hot Springs

This morning I’m excited about what’s to come. I only have 16 kms of riding on the highway before being picked up at Innot Hot Spring by Kathy.
The road is undulating, but an hour later I arrive. Funny enough there is an actual hot spring there. I take off my clothes and go for a relaxing bath in the very hot water. It’s by a road near a bridge. So maybe not the best setup, but it’s so relaxing.

Smoking hot!

Thirty minutes later, Kathy arrives and I get picked up. This is the end of the Section 2 of the Bicentennial National Trail. Only one section left to go to Cooktown. I’m very happy to get that rest. I’ve covered 700km in 8 days and that is a lot for me.

Track Map


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