Route & Progress

The map below shows, in red, my progress (wait for the download, can take a few minutes).

BNT Elevation Profile

For more up to date and accurate data, please contact me. Also see map on right sidebar, updated more frequently.


The Bicentennial National Trail

(Also read About page)

Representation of the BNT route. From Healesville to Cooktown: 5,300 km

The BNT route.

My current location

See map on the right side to know my current location. I update that map once in a while when I have access to the Internet.

If you have the password, you can track me by satellite.


5 thoughts on “Route & Progress

  1. Hello Vincent,
    Could I have the password to watch your progress , would be an honour to meet you,too.
    Peace and care

  2. Hey Vincent,
    Awesome job on the trail and I plan on biking this next year too. Your blog has been a lot of fun to read and following your progress has been exciting. Keep it the great work!


  3. I am at Zig Zag Station on the BNT route, Tim emailed me that you had left Collinsville and you should be in this area next week.


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